LDP Faculty

LDP Faculty

Professor Bala Chakravarthy

Professor of Strategy & International Management

DBA Harvard Business School

Bala Chakravarthy is Professor of Strategy and International Management at IMD, where he served at the Shell Professor for for Sustainable Business Growth (2003 to 2012).

His research, teaching and consulting interests cover three related areas: managing the global enterprise (with a focus on companies emerging countries), strategy processes for sustainable business growth, and mastering leadership dilemmas.

He has published numerous case studies and articles in leading management journals as well as four books, including Profit or Growth ? : Why you don’t have to choose (Wharton School Publishing, 2007). A mechanical engineer by training, he work at Tata Motors in his native India before taking his doctorate at the Harvard Business School. Prior to joining IMD, Professor Chakravarthy taught at Wharton School, INSTEAD and the Carlson School (University of Minnesota).

Professor Dominique V. Turpin

IMD President

Nestlé Professor

President Dominique Turpin is also Nestlé Professor at IMD.

He has extensive teaching, consulting and research experience in the areas of marketing and international strategy, particularly in the area of brand management, customer orientation and communications strategy.

His research has been published in more than 100 books, articles and case studies, including in the Financial Times, MIT Sloan Management Review and Nihon Sangyo Shimbun, a leading japan daily.

Prior to joining IMD, Professor Turpin spent several years in Tokyo as a representative of a French consumer goods company. He has also served as Visiting Professor at the Keio Graduate School of Business Administration (Tokyo) and, since 1994, has been IMD’s representative on the Academic Council of the China-Europe International Business School (Shanghai).

He received his master's degree from ESSCA in France and earned a doctorate in economics from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan.